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Welcome To En Pointe Florida’s Leading Ballet Store

We carry major brands for all your ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical needs, including Bloch, Nikolay, Suffolk, Bunhead, Mirella, Ballet Rosa, Bullet Point, Wear Moi, RP and Capezio. At En Pointe, we offer a diverse variety to fulfill your dancewear needs.

Whether you are a beginner or pro dancer, our dancewear apparel is for everyone. Get ballet essentials like ballet wrap, dance tights, leotards, shirts, ballet shoes, and ballet accessories. 

Top brands that We Carry


Every dancer has at least one Bloch apparel in their wardrobe collection. Featuring the latest innovations in performance fabrics, Bloch offers a stylish range of dance apparel for all dancers. Bloch has been known over the years for its exquisite, sleek, flattering, and ultimately comfortable outfit designs. Whether you are looking for shoes, an amazing collection of adults or children’s dancewear, Bloch provides the best, always!


Capezio has renowned itself with an enviable reputation for making unbeatable performance levels of dancewear and ballet shoes. Capezio ensures their collection is the go-to choice for every dancer. Capezio brings a wide range of character and tap shoes for its thousands of tapper consumers around the world. Browse our collection to find amazing and latest dancewear. 


Over 30 years, Nikolay, has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of apparel, accessories, footwear, etc. in the dance market. Nikolay continues the legacy, featuring the same quality products as always. Nikolay has been known for introducing pointe shoes for the first time in the dance industry, and still commits to improving existing features. Nikolay moves with the dance, reflecting a new generation of bestselling pointe shoes in the world.


Suffolk is among the best shoes for pointe dancers who prefer to custom fit. Each pair is hand-carved by an expert shoemaker, featuring a durable design. Before being sent into the market, their shoes are computer-graded to ensure it meets company standards with perfect fit, and size. Suffolk Pointe Shoes are for every ballet dancer, beginner or pro! Their shoes feature the classic shape of a modern dancer’s foot, enabling them to advance their moves.

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