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Our Goal

Dance is an art of self-expression, individuality, and love in South Florida. We aim to provide apparel brands that empower and offer creative freedom to each dancer allowing them to reach their full potential. Check out our collection ideal dancewear that provides you with wings to fly!

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About Michelle

The Owner

Ballet has always been my passion since I was a little girl, but life took me in a different direction.  Now my daughter has developed that same passion which led us to opening the boutique. It brings me to tears watching my daughter become a graceful and beautiful dancer as well as helping to bring her vision to life.  Blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband for over 14 years who always believes in me and our vision. Deeply spiritual I believe nothing in life is ever random or coincidental; the universe guides us, and gratitude is a must. Being of Jamaican descent, reggae music takes me to my happy place.  As a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with over 22 years of working in medicine, along with being trained in the anatomy of the foot as it relates to dancers through the Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting and Mentoring program, I can anatomically fit any foot to any brand of pointe shoe. As well as being trained by Suffolk and certified by Bloch as a pointe shoe fitter.
My number one priority is safety and sustainability; not just assessing dancers’ feet, but also their physical makeup, age, development, commitment and ability.  As a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, I stay up to date on the best practices in dance science and research to help educate dancers on health and well-being.  Supporting dancers to perform at their best also provides local services in the community, such as physical therapist, podiatrist and nutritionist. We take time and pay close attention to detail in order to create an aesthetically pleasing boutique ensuring our customers feel special the moment they walk through our doors. 

En Pointe is an experience, not just about products

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About Mischa

The Inspiration

Growing up I have always been shy, but dance gives me the ability to express myself.  I love everything about the Asian culture especially Anime, Stray Kids and K-drama. Favorite food is sushi and Ramen, but I am open to trying foods from other cultures. Just as comfortable in a pair of Doc Martins and black beanie as I am in ballet attire. Never judge a book by its cover. Although I am an only child, I have tons of cousins and a wide circle of friends, some of whom are more like sisters to me. A homebody when not dancing or at school, oftentimes I can be found snuggling with my dogs Max and Moka, watching reruns of Dance Moms or Kids Cooking shows. Ice skating is also a favorite of mine although discouraged by my ballet instructors.  
My journey with ballet started when I was 3 years old. A traveling ballet company would come to my pre-school.  I have continued studying ballet for over 7 years at Boca Ballet Theatre, which is like my second home. My first pointe shoe fitting was very disappointing and to this day I have never worn those pointe shoes. It is my mission to make young dancers coming in for their first fitting to feel special and celebrated. I have literally been in their shoes and can lend advice and support to help them feel empowered and confident. Together with my mom, I am super excited to turn my simple idea of the boutique, into reality.

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