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Demi pointes are often viewed as the ballet shoe used for transitioning classical dancers from Ballet blats to pointe shoes. They allow the dancer to get used to the shape and style of a pointe shoe before actually going en pointe. Like pointe shoes, it is important that the dancer has developed correct technique and is ready under their teacher's instruction to dance in Demi Pointes.

Demi pointe shoes have a full leather outsold, which simply means it creates much more resistance than a ballet flat, making the dancer's foot work harder, therefore providing much needed strengthening in preparation for pointe work. Especially with some of the newer ballet flats, the shoe are created to easily hug into the sole of the foot creating a nice line without much effort. When students are then placed in a full shank pointe shoe, they often struggle to articulate and fully stretch the foot, and can struggle with this.

Benefits of Demi Pointe shoes

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One of the largest benefits of demi pointes is their full leather out-sole which creates more resistance than the traditional ballet flat, making the dancer's foot work harder and inevitably stronger. This strengthening of the foot is extremely important in the preparation process for pointe work. However some teachers also argue that the box of the demi pointes hides the toe and it is therefore difficult to identify whether the dancer is extending their toes correctly with the right muscles. As a result, like any transition in dance, it is important that the dancer's basic technique is correct and strong. Another benefit to demi pointes (which may come of interest to parents who are up late sewing ribbons and elastics) is that they are a great opportunity for the dancer to learn to sew onto a pointe shoe.

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